Adam J Mitchell

Agile coaching,  travel, triathlon, cars and family are what drive me.

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Agile coaching

So this is how I earn a living. I help companies transform the way they work by using agile and lean methodologies. It’s a lot more than getting products to customers quicker, it’s about the whole culture of the company and how to give autonomy and purpose to employees. Check out my reading list for some background info on how I approach my work.

I’ve consulted for a host of companies, everything from aviation in the Middle East to investment banking in New York. 

Certified by Scrum Alliance and Scaled Agile as-well as been active in my local user group Agile Yorkshire. 


I’ve been doing triathlon for about 7 years now. Started on a whim after doing 10k’s for a few years and a love of mountain biking.

Depending on client commitments I tend to race in 6-8 events a year. Living in West Yorkshire does allow to access some of the best running and riding routes in the country, just ask the Brownlee’s. I have raced for Calderdale Triathlon Club but now race for Pedalsport Tri Club. My PB for full distance in 2:28 at London a few years ago. With my current Half IM time standing at 5:30. Follow me on Strava 


My passion for triathlon is on par with my love of cars. Had to upgrade to something bigger for the family so currently ride is a BMW X3M. I’m a huge M car fan boy having owned M3 & M4 cars in the past. Check out my posts on my BMW M3 and the newer M4.


Home is a farm house in Ripponden in Yorkshire. Complete with horses, sheep, dogs and cats. After spending the week with clients I look forward to coming back to a home in the sticks.


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