Architecture and Agility – Soul mates or cell mates?

I did a Q&A session in April for a LinkedIn architecture group on how architecture fits in to the modern enterprise that is trying to reach the holy grail of business agility.

Worth a watch as I answer the following questions put forward by members of the ArchLife Linkedin group:

  1. Does architecture have a place in agile?
  2. What’s the best example you’ve come across of an architecture team supporting agile change delivery and how did that work in practice?
  3. What is the role of the Enterprise Arch in companies with established agility
  4. What are the key benefits to introducing SAFe to a business that has typically worked to a process such as TOGAF?
  5. What are the main challenges you have faced when moving an enterprise closer towards agile practises?
  6. How long would you say it typically takes to see the benefit of moving a full architecture towards agile?
  7. When moving an architecture towards SAFe, what are the key changes that you have needed to introduce as the first big steps
  8. I’m a strong believer in building solutions with flexibility in mind for the future, but it always comes at an extra cost. Any tips for making it cheaper?
  9. Any tips for how business architecture and IT strategy works alongside the product teams in SAFe?
Watch the video and drop me any comments below

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