Virgin Trains – first class breakfast

On a stupidly early train to Kings Cross from Leeds #Yorkshire. I ignored the McDonalds at the station in favour of playing food roulette with Virgin Train’s offering. Normally this would be a lose situation as I find the double sausage and egg mcmuffin quite palatable. However I have a first class ticket so I’m hedging my bets that for £90 single I’m going to get something nice!

As with most ‘premier’ offerings this menu is endorsed by James Martin. I admit I find him a bit of a prick due to his comments about cyclist getting hit by cars a few years back – but his cooking always seems spot on. So I order the Great British Breakfast and sit back in my comfy seat sipping the mediocre coffee that Virgin serve you.

I begin my breakfast with a croissant and Virgin Trains are off to a good start. Still warm with a crisp outer so its flakes when you bite it. You sometimes get the soft chewy croissants in hotels but those are just wrong.

…a few mins later my breakfast arrives. Literally about 3 mins after ordering. Can you microwave a full english!? Anyway what I’m presented with doesn’t look that bad. According to the menu I have Yorkshire rare breed sausage, smoked back bacon, Laverstoke Farm black pudding, flat field mushroom, grilled tomato and a free range egg.

The sausage is really good, far better than I was expecting. I prefer my bacon a bit more well done but its was tasty. Egg had a yolk which is always a bonus. Black pudding was great. Tomato was well, a tomato – no problem there. Plus you get a side of toast, no choice of white or brown though which is a tad disappointing.

Overall if you ordered this in a cafe i’d give it 6/10, but since its a train offering they get an extra point so 7/10 for Virgin Trains First Class Breakfast offering.

it tasted better than it looked
menu offering

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