Free Agile coaching for new mums returning to work

Taking time off your career to have a baby is a big change, but the prospect of returning to work after 12months is sometimes even scarier. A lot can change in 12months and all of a sudden your CV can be missing some of the current trending skills.

Well having gone through this recently with my wife and gorgeous baby daughter I thought I’d see if I could help anyone that needed some assistance with agile.

Do you need help:

  • refreshing your Agile knowledge
  • crash course in Agile ways of working
  • working with Scrum teams
  • advice about courses
  • talking through the latest Kanban/Lean thinking
  • or pretty much anything else Agile related

If you do give me a shout via the comments below or via Twitter. I’m not charging for this coaching, it’s just my way of saying thanks to all the great mums out there and getting women back to work allowing them to carry on their careers.



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