Agile Manchester conference 2017

After the great line up in 2016 I was looking forward to speaking at this years event.

My talk was based on my “Hello… I’m your project manager” talk that I did at Yorkshire Agile earlier in the year. I took feedback from that audience and made a few changes, mainly having a common thread run through the presentation and clearer points to take away.

Given the great speakers on at the same time as me I was impressed with the audience numbers I got – probably about 60-70 people. The talk is aimed around, Scrum Masters, Coaches, Delivery/Project Managers but I got a lot of good feedback from developers and testers who could identify with some of the anti-patterns that I talked about. I tailored the take-away learnings to be ambiguous of job types so anyone working in an agile environment could try the things I talked about.

Going to be doing this talk at some other user groups later in the year so if you missed it give me a shout and I’ll let you know where you can catch it next. The slides are here if you want to take a look at them.

Or if you like any of the themes and want me to help in your companies agile journey drop me a mail about consultancy days.

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