Leeds Tunnel Run – May ‘19

Gents, below is the link to the route for next Sunday – google map link right at the bottom (copy it into your internet browser)We are starting from outside Elland Road (LowFields Rd J2 M621). Please be there around 07:45 so we can get everyone together and set off promptly at 08:00.

We finish at the McDonalds opposite where we started as it’s the only place that is open for coffee with a car park at that time.

The route should be about 20mins, similar to the previous route we have done in the past. We take in 10 tunnels, well 9 and a bridge so it’s worth getting up early for 🙂

The route is basically:

Start Elland Road Stadium
On to the A643 (tunnels 1 & 2)
onto the A58 (tunnels 3 & 4)
exit right onto the city centre loop
straight across down New York road (tunnel 5)
If you are going to take a wrong turn its this next bit so check the map
Turning right onto Marsh St
exiting right onto York St
left onto Kirkgate following it down to The Calls (pass the Mister and turn left and you’re ok)
Follow the road under the railway staying in the left lane (tunnel 6)
Left down Neville St under the station – Bridgewater Place on your right (tunnel 7)
A simple loop round the office island as you pass Asda on your left, 2 rights, so you are heading back up Neville St with Bridgewater Place on your left
Under the station (tunnel 8)
Following the road left onto Wellington St
Right to the end and turn left back on the A58
Left onto A643 (tunnel 9)
Straight across the big roundabout to the McDonalds next to where we started
Finish McDonalds



Just to reiterate this isn’t a race or anything that involves breaking traffic laws. Just some likeminded people enjoying a drive and a coffee. If it has been raining the tunnels can be slippy so drive within your limits …..we all remember that TVR incident!

Route map

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