British Airway’s the Concorde Room at LHR

Arriving at LHR

If you are checking in at LHR there is a private entrance via the south security lanes for added look at me kudos. BA have just redone their First Class checkin at LHR so you get your own area so you can avoid the riff raff completely.

New First wing at Heathrow T5

The Concorde Room at LHR

Pretty much every BA flight goes from Terminal 5 which even in cattle class it’s not a bad place to spend a few hours. Amongst the selection of business class and first class lounges BA’s pinnacle offering here is the Concorde room. You have the option of the Concorde Room depending on your fare class (A,F or Z does the trick). If you qualify to use the Concorde Room it is located next to the south business lounges which means a quick walk through the terminal to the south side escalators, if like me you are normally arriving via a connection from Manchester.

Supposedly based on a 5* hotel if you read the marketing, it does look a like a decent hotel lobby bar, with all the necessary amenities of cloak room, concierge and conference suite.

Food any good?

Dining options are table service or private dining booths with full waiter service. The food is good, not a huge choice just typical UK faire. For an international lounge it would be nice to see some more variety. Tacos and sushi if I had my way. But its a marked step up from what you get in the business lounges, which to be fare is shit.

Cabanas are bookable if you want to hide away with a day bed or catch up on some sleep. But book in advance as I’ve never managed to get one on the day.

Decent beer?

The most important bit is naturally the bar – and it’s a proper bar not just a help yourself Premier Inn breakfast buffet type affair like the savages in the business lounge. When I do fly business class you do get the odd car salesman who’s got lucky with an upgrade and is now trying to force 10 bottles of London Pride down his neck (no idea why they stock that shite, couldn’t find John Smiths anywhere!) – whilst at the same time spilling it over his Asda suit and Dell laptop.

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Anyway back on point… the bar is amply stocked with pretty much anything you could want and waitered by a couple of typically well trained servers. House champagne is Grand Siecle – for the unwashed thats a good tasting £95 bottle of Laurent-Perrier.

the Grand Siecle is a good way to pass an hour or so

They serve it onboard too if that’s your tipple so you can carry on building your champagne hangover for your entire flight. Fancy trying Johnnie Walker Blue – no problem, have a glass and chase it with a nice XO.


What’s it like

The Concorde room can get busy depending what time you visit it. Normally I just sit at the bar and knock back the drinks whilst chatting with whoever sits next to me. It’s surprisingly non pretentious, a large percentage are on business and I’ve never seen anyone famous.

a quite Wednesday morning
I was really there…. honest

With the choice of high end retail outlets that are in the terminal it’s an easy way to kill a couple of hours or so whilst your partner goes crazy with the Amex. You can relax on the leather sofas and soak in the opulence of the chandeliers and high backed chairs. It has a terrace that overlooks the terminal – it’s good for throwing peanuts to the passengers below whilst you drink your malbec.

Enjoy your champagne whilst looking down on the rest of the terminal

Only criticism is the strange toilets they have. They are self continued cubicles that resemble more of a sperm bank or methadone shooting room than a luxury lounge.

nice comfy seats whilst you people watch

Free Spa Treatments

BA do throw in a free 15minute spa treatment with your first class ticket. Better than nothing I suppose but I they are only £20 or so anyway. You have to book in advance as they are open to other paying passengers so you can’t just decide on the day unless you get lucky and they have a spot free.

They have them at JFK and a few of the other main routes too so you can get a manicure before your return flight too.

Elemis Spa next to the first class lounge in T5

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