Shortest limousine ride ever?

For those of you that know me I do enjoy the little perks that life offers you from time to time. Been a Sky Suite guest at the Aria in Las Vegas means you get complimentary limousine transfers to and from the hotel. This is a great perk as you rock off your flight to be greated by some 6ft guy in a suit who collects your cases and chaperones you to the limo,

Upon leaving the Aria however we weren’t going to the airport – we were having a few days at the Cosmopolitan next door.

I stay at the Aria every summer so must have had some kudos points banked as they let us use one of their limos for what would have been a 4minute walk.

Think this must be one of the shortest limo trips ever done in Vegas. A complete 90secs end to end – and most of that was waiting at traffic lights! Also the quickest $20 dollar tip the driver ever got.

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