Blenheim Tri – TT or road bike???

Spent a lot of time thinking about this as had a shiny new Planet X Stealth Pro at home waiting to be raced. But read a lot about the narrow and crowded paths that the bike course uses. Hmmm dilemma!

The last thing you want is to spend less time on the tri bars covering your brakes whilst someone in a £50 halfords mountain bike weaves all over the place. I opted for my Boardman Team Carbon with my carbon wheels swapped form my TT bike. It was a good choice and allowed me to go fast but safely fast. Crashing out on the bike course is a good way to ruin your season and set you back an expensive repair bill.

If you are racing first thing and have a clear course then I might be tempted by using a TT. But at any other time I think a road bike pays dividends.

I finished the bike course in 704th position out of 4000 – which was ok considering I arrived back from a weeks all inclusive eating/drinking 7 hours before my start time.


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