US to lift travel ban and open borders before Christmas

When will US lift its’s travel ban? – looks like soon 🙂

Since the abrupt closure of US borders to everyone apart from mostly Citizens and family it looks like they are going to be finally opened back up. But not to everyone so don’t pack your dollars just let. It’s looking like they will start with the EU countries plus Brazil.

Ultimately Trump has to sign off on the decision but it looks like the White House and public health officials are onboard. Plus the economy could really do with some Christmas tourist dollars.

It’s not known yet with a clear COVID-19 test will have to be provided before you fly or when you land. Although British Airways and Delta have been talking about these for a while now so shouldn’t be a big overhead to make that happen.

Our Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, FCDO, still advises against all but essential travel to North America. But I live in a shit northern town in England and haven’t been to Vegas this year so I’m packing my case as I’m writing this.

I just need British Airways to start putting hot food back on the menu – I’ll be annoyed if I fly First and have to drink my champagne from a plastic glass whilst eating a pre-packed sandwich.

Hopefully see you all in Vegas shortly – pictures will be on instagram soon

Back at the Wynn soon I hope

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