Coniston MTB Triathlon

My first full distance triathlon and my first open water swim all rolled into one event. What could possible go wrong!

Position 54th/70th

Swim – 37:47

This was never going to go well – and it didn’t. The water was very cold, you could just about see your hand during your stroke and it was windy so had waves to contend with. I think I managed about 200m of crawl before resorting to breast stroke for the reminding distance. I don’t think I was the last one but must have being very close. The guys who were out first must have had a good 10mins on me.

Bike – 1:42:21

By the time I had stripped my wetsuit off and got my bike out of transition I was knackered. Properly knackered. At least on the bike I was in a familiar surrounding. I had ridden around Grizdale numerous times before. Headed off on the road to reach the climb upto Grizedale. My winter tyres didn’t help on the road, could only manage about 15mph maximum on the flat. Finally reached the singletrack and blasted round the course. Luckily it was quite early so no tourists about. Bit annoying having to wait for the fireroads to pass people though as the singletrack there is, well, very single track!

Managed to skid off the north shore due to some daft bitch in front who braked at the first sign of a corner. Me riding behind her at a fair pace had no choice but to brake, but my tyres couldn’t find any traction on the wet wood so my wheels locked and down I went sliding across the wood before dropping off the end into some bushes below. Not a happy bunny, as it fucking hurt. But onwards and upwards so remounted and continued to finish the course off.

Coming into T2

Run – 2:05

How hard can fell running be? Quite hard after all of the above. Racked my bike changed my top and heading out into the village and then up onto the trail. There were very few people about which was a little worrying – even in the distance I could only see a few runners. Well it gave me something to aim for. It’s definately one of the prettiest courses I have run. No cars, no roads, just lots of hills and spectacular views down the lake. But running up hills takes its toll and it was hard trying to keep a decent pace. 2 hours later I was back down and crossing the finish line – well the metal pole with a bit of red tap on it in the middle of a field.


A hard race. Not for a first timer like myself. But I got round and didn’t come last, so that’s a good result in my book.

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